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My Own Private Muckity Muck

AKA Adventures in Blah Blah Blah

Chris Rapier
14 October
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I'm always hesitant to share information on these things but, at the same time, I want to be on them - so I'm torn between wanting to remain private and show my goods to the world.

Anyway, I'll just be honest here and see what happens... I'm 40. Damn sexy. A genius beyond compare. I cook so well Wolfgang Puck cries when he hears my name. I can paint better than Goya and drink Picasso under the table. I can write rings around Pynchon and I jam with the Stooges on my days off. I am a lover like no other and brother from another planet. I quote Dante and shop at Fante's. I am a political power house with more bucks than Scrooge McDuck. I am an astronaut of innerspace and a traveller of outer space. I am cooler than Jesus.

I also lie a lot.