Chris Rapier (rapier1) wrote,
Chris Rapier

Yeah yeah yeah

It's been a long time. The past month has been, to say the least, a little hectic. There was a week in Atlanta, a week long trip to Philly, and a weekend trip to Chicago all since the first week of December. I had an amazing time on these adventures and, for two out of the three, I had a fantastic traveling companion. It's really great to actually go on a trip with someone who really enjoys traveling.

All thing considered last year had some really astoundingly bad parts but some really wonderful things happened as well. Things that hold a lot of promise for the future. I'm really excited to see where my life takes me over the next few to six months. I have a feeling a lot of really cool things will be happening to me.

Yeah, I'm being vague. I don't know why. In time I'll say more.

Also, my feet are very cold. For some reason this makes me have to pee.

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