Chris Rapier (rapier1) wrote,
Chris Rapier

Small talk and Complaints

I spent the past two days trying to nail down a problem with an application called wkhtmltopdf. It's just a small app built on top of Qt that allows you to generate a PDF from a webpage. I use it in a webapp I built and it was working just ducky. Then I upgraded to OS X 10.6 and it started failing in a huge horrible way. It would just suck up lots cycles and spit out errors until I sighup'd it. It took me two days but I finally figured out the problem. Apple must have changed the way in which user nobody works under 10.6 in some weird way that prevents it from accessing the font cache. No font cache - no pdf. When I run the web server as myself it works just as I expected it to. Of course, that's really fucking dumb.

Oh, when I build the app against the Qt 4.6 beta it doesn't lock up... it just takes a hell of a long time and creates a nicely laid out pdf wherein all the text is replaced with capital As in boxes. I really do blame Apple for this.

Nice. Real nice.

EDIT: Also, Hey Apple thanks for completely horking the X11 libs and making it nearly impossible to update them to a current version forcing people to use the xquartz ports. I think I want to downgrade from 10.6

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